ÍS: Hiking up to Glymur

Glymur, Iceland

I made a third trip to Glymur (incidentally the place I shot my first roll of film, starting this whole blog adventure in earnest) in April while my boyfriend was visiting for a few weeks. We rented a car with two friends. The weather on the way there was spectacular, if a little windy, but unfortunately when we got to the canyon, we were faced with strong wind and icy rain almost the entire hike. The river was too flooded to cross on the wire (in the summer there’s a footbridge, but in the winter only a guiding wire that you can shimmy across if you’re brave); in fact, some friends had tried to get across the flooded river on the wire the day before and ended up getting soaked and stuck and having to call Search and Rescue (we didn’t hear about this until after we made our trek). My camera lens got foggy and wet at the top, but it makes for some fun lens effects.Glymur, Iceland
Glymur is the second tallest waterfall in Iceland. The river Botnsá flows from the lake Hvalvatn along a flat area before plunging 196 meters down the cliff. The word glymur means crash/rumble in Icelandic and refers to the enormous sound of the rushing falls. Glymur, Iceland

Glymur, Iceland


Glymur, Iceland

Glymur, Iceland

000007land [35mm film taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures of Glymur in Iceland]

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