ÍS: The Beach at Búðir

Búðir, IcelandAs you approach the the end of the Snæfellsnes peninsula (driving from the bottom side around the top), a small road leads you to the coast, where there is a gorgeous gold sand beach, a beautiful old little church, and fabulous lava formations right up at the water’s edge. If you haven’t visited Iceland, you won’t realize how amazing that sand looks. Most of the beaches in Iceland are actually black or gray, since the whole island is made of volcanic rock. I’m not sure why this gold sand is here, but it makes a gorgeous contrast between the black lava formations and the blue ocean. Búðir, Iceland

These photos are from my late May 2015 trip around the Ring Road with my lovely friend Callie, who is pictured below. You can check out the picture from that go-around on the tag Ring Road Trip 2015. I stopped at Búðir on my Ring Road trip in June 2014 as well. The great thing about Icelandic nature is that it looks so different during every summer month. May, June, July, and August reveal entirely different landscapes. It’s hard to get tired of the beautiful mountains, the moss covered lava, and the pure air.

Búðir, Iceland  [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures of Búðir.]

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