Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


At the end of August in 2015, Aleksi and I took an eight-day road trip from Maryland all the up to Freeport Maine and back. We traveled up the semi-coastal Rt. 1 and came back down I-91, which follows the Vermont/ New Hampshire state line before cutting through the middle of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Taking I-95, we mostly skipped everything from Maryland through New York City (getting off the freeway to get on Rt. 1 in New Rochelle, just outside the city) except for Philadelphia.


Despite living only a few hours away from Philly most of my life, I’d only been once or twice. I just love the northeastern cities (DC, Baltimore, NYC, etc.), and Philadelphia did not disappoint. The main revolutionary tourist sites were extremely crowded, so we mostly just wandered around, enjoying the quaint historic streets (like above and below) as well as the towering downtown buildings.

I particularly loved the Philadelphia Town Hall (pictured third from the bottom), a limestone, granite, and marble masterpiece that has been the world’s tallest masonry building since 1953 (when the previous record holder collapsed). It was the tallest habitable building in the world from 1894 to 1908.


We didn’t splurge on much food, but we did have some out-of-this-world gelato at Capogiro Gelato Artisans. This was definitely not a food trip. We were on a tight budget…ok not so much a a budget as a goal to not max out my narrow credit limit before returning, so we partook generously of the great New England marvel that is a Dunkin Donuts on every street corner. Pro-tip: they have the cleanest bathrooms you’ll find regularly on any roadtrip.










[35mm shot with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here to see all the posts from this New England road trip.]

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