Monuments and Memorials in Downtown Nashville, TN

nashville9A few sites in downtown Nashville. Above: My former least favorite and now second least favorite American president, Andrew Jackson. Capitol Hill. Below: The historic Downtown Presbyterian Church. Built in 1848, but the site of a church since 1818. Very iconic double towers worth googling if you are interested in that sort of thing. nashville11Below: A statue at War Memorial Plaza. nashville10
Above: My handsome Finnish fella.Below: A war (WWII?) memorial in the Bicentennial Mall State Park.

[35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more photos of Tennessee.]

One thought on “Monuments and Memorials in Downtown Nashville, TN

  1. Jackson certainly had his bad points. But he had this to say in HIS Inaugural Address:
    “”It is the inheritance of that sentiment of conciliation, and spirit of compromise which gave us the constitution, and which is to enable us in the progress of time to amend such defects in the system as experience may detect. Fully sensible of the necessity which I shall have for the exercise of this spirit on the part of my fellow Citizens, I shall notice with pleasure an unreserved examination of the measures of my administration, and shall be the last to cry out treason against those who interpret differently from myself the policy, or powers of the government.”
    Now admittedly Jackson himself didn’t always live up to this. But it’s still an ideal all Presidents should live up to.

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