St. Louis, Missouri


My weekend trip to St. Louis last February turned out to be rather ill-fated. The drive was longer than I estimated, a bit too long to do by myself. On Saturday, as I was happily pulling up to the stunning Basilica (home of the 2nd largest church mosaic in the US), my camera battery died, and with no spares on hand, I was unable to take any pictures for the rest of the day.

However, before that, a friend living and St. Louis and I had gone to the City Museum, which is basically a multi-story building turned into a giant folk-art playground for kids and adults alike. I didn’t get many good pictures, but check out this video for a look inside. There are tunnels going between floors, a bus cantilevered off the ceiling, mysterious tunnels, a junk-metal slide going from the top of the building down, and all kinds of crazy art to climb in and on.  st-louis1

But Sunday morning, it started to snow while I was out in the city, and I got in an accident. My car just suffered a dent on it’s side, but it really shook me up, and I decided to head home early. Due to all the snow and ice on the roads all the way back, it took me a few extra hours to get back to Nashville, making it a 9-hour trip total. Ugh. Suffice to say, I have not taken a solo road trip above four hours since then. Before the accident, I made it to the Missouri History Museum, which was one of the best history museums I’ve ever visited (and free). I hope to get back to St. Louis soon. What I saw, I loved! But maybe I’ll go in the summer next time.


Here are a few photos I took on my phone of the Basilica, the interior of the City Museum, and the Arch.

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