Weekend Trip to Chattanooga and South Cumberland State Park

Back in April 2017, when I was still living in Nashville, Aleksi (who was visiting from London over Spring break) and I took a fantastic weekend camping/road trip down to South Cumberland State Park and Chattanooga. I’m sharing the Chattanooga photos first because they turned out so much nicer. (Fun fact about me, I am incapable of saying “Chattanooga” without humming the classic Glenn Miller tune. I probably watched The Glenn Miller Story with my grandma dozens of times growing up, so the tune is really nostalgic for me.)

South Cumberland is another fantastic Tennessee State Park. It’s known for a long hiking trail (with a great name), Fiery Gizzard Trail. But we decided to see the incredible waterfalls at each end of the trail the easy way, by driving between and enjoying the two shorter hikes instead of day/multi-day hike. We camped at the Foster Falls campground, which was a really lovely and peaceful spot in the woods.

After a day of camping, we popped down to Chattanooga. The downtown, touristy area in Chattanooga is really cute. They have a fantastic aquarium with interesting exhibits on fish around the world and in the local ecosystem as well as a really impressive art museum, the Hunter Museum of American Art, that’s held in three buildings: a historic 1850’s mansion, a brutalist structure from the 1970’s, and a stunning contemporary building cantilevered over the Tennessee River. The photo above is from outside the art museum and so are photos 5,6, and 7). 

35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more posts from Tennessee.

And don’t forget to check out my podcast about museums and travel, Museums in Strange Places, available on Apple Podcasts and wherever else you get your podcast fix.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Chattanooga and South Cumberland State Park

  1. Hi Hannah,

    Great pics on film. Would you be interested in film swaps to produce bizarre cross-country double exposures?

    Please get back to me if you are.

    Best regards,

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