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blogging in Iceland

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  1. Hi Hannah, Leah Durant here – friend of your mom and dad. Would love to chat with you about SEO and online marketing. Feel free to call anytime. Hope you’re having the time of your life over there!

  2. Hi Hannah!
    My name’s Nick, and I’ve just recently (within the week) applied to the Viking and Medieval Norse Studies program at Iceland. I have a couple questions about living in Iceland, if you wouldn’t mind / have time. Great blog! I’ve enjoyed it immensely. 🙂

  3. On a random search, looking where to buy camera accessories in Iceland, I found your blog… Iceland really is tiny 😛
    Hope you are great and that Andy enjoyed the end of his stay here!

    • -Beco is at Langholtsvegur 84.
      -I go all the time to a place on Skipholt…I think the address is like 31 or 33. But it’s not too hard to find.
      -And there is place that specializes in Nikon across the street which has more of the techy accessories.

      • That’s Beco I have been to… I’ll try to find the other ones next time I come to town 😉 Thanks!
        And if you guys lose yourself around Gullfoss, give us a shout 😉

  4. Just saw that you’ve listed SOBN on your blogroll! You’re awesome! I’m totally digging all the snaps you’re posting! We should try tee up a photo colab sometime!

  5. Hi! I’m currently looking into studying abroad next year, and being Icelandic I thought it might be a nice choice. However, I’d be going in January and I’m curious as to how cold cold really is… I live in the northeast so I am more than used to constant snowstorms and bitter winters, but how would you say Iceland compares? (I saw you lived in Maryland- I’m from Connecticut)
    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I have been to Iceland before but I was very young so I wanted to get some perspective from someone around my age and interested in the same things as me- by the way, excellent taste in music!
    Any information you could give me on your time there, aside from what’s already on your blog, and how your transition from the US went would be much appreciated.
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Hannah, I’m not sure how it is done, but I would like to use one of your beautiful photos on my own blog. Or some kind of a link to a specific photo I have in mind, from the Snaefellesness trip, a B and W shot of Kirkjufell. I am writing a post about my current group of mono prints and also Kjarval, the great Icelandic painter. Can you tell me if you would permit it? and maybe a hint on how it’s done? Many thanks. I am planning my return to iceland, I love keeping up with your own travels, beautiful pics. Andrea

    • Hi Andrea, you are are welcome to use my photo as long as you credit it to me WITH a link to my post. If you save it from the site, it should be pretty large. If not, you can email me and I will send you the full size image.

  7. Hi Hannah! I’ve just viewed the entire expanse of your blog and I would just like to say that I love all of your photos and viewing your perspective of Iceland. Traveling to Iceland next month, I stumbled upon your blog after researching the country and how to spend my 4 days there and was wondering if you could give me a suggestion on recommendation on how to spend my short trip? I love photography, adventure, and thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the natural outdoors and was planning on renting a car for traveling throughout the land. Anything at all would be helpful if you can spare the time :)!

  8. Hi! I have some questions just simply about Iceland and traveling/living there. I also have some questions on studying and learning more about the Scandinavian/Norse/Icelandic mythology. Could I possibly email you about this stuff, if you have the time?

  9. Hi, I was interested in using one of your photographs for an album cover. You would be properly credited and whatnot…how would you feel about this?

  10. Hi! I am planning on visiting Iceland for a few days before my job in France starts. I am wondering if you would be willing to give me some advise for places to stay, and how to make the most of my time. I am just now looking at car rentals as my main interest is in the land of Iceland and not Reykjavik. I’d love to know if you know if car rentals are a smart plan etc. or if you know of a better plan. Also, any advise is welcome! Your blog is lovely!

    • Hey there. What time of the year will you be visiting. Yeah, definitely rent a car then. You don’t need one to get around the city, but you do to go outside. If you’re a confident driver, it’s much cheaper and more fun than bus tours etc. How far you can go with a 2 wheel drive depends on when you are coming. So, answer that Q and I’ll give you a few more suggestions. This is my favorite rental place:

  11. Hi Hannah,
    I found your blog on the web and it is very interesting. Do you want to join the connecting cultures project [1]? The project [1] is very young; I started that project last weekend. It would be awesome, when you join the project with your blog!
    Please let me know your decision!
    Best regards from Turkey where I stay at the moment; I started that project last weekend. It would be awesome, when you join the project with your

  12. Congratulations on your interesting blog! I’m planning to travel to Iceland with my film cam. Can you recommend a good lab in Reykjavik to process the film? Can they do 120 medium format film? Thanks!

  13. Hi! I contacted you about a year ago asking if I may use one of your photographs on an album cover. The album is nearing its finishing process and we are getting all the artwork and stuff done in the next month or two. If possible, could you send me a copy of that particular photo in the largest, highest quality you have? (It was a landscape shot of some mountains, long exposure. Stars were visible, and the sky was a burnt sort of orange color).

    It would be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

  14. Hi Hannah,
    I am producing a new play, ‘Denmark’ by Matthew Gasda in NYC. My collaborators and I were searching the web, looking for an image that would perfectly represent the mood of the play and we stumbled upon your photograph:

    We were all wondering if you’d be willing to grant us the rights to use the photo on our kickstarter page and other marketing material. Please e-mail me at to discuss.

    I really look forward to hearing from you!

  15. Hi Hannah,
    I really like the photos in your blog, I see also Street Photography shots. Maybe you can help me. For many years I’ve been interested in Street Photograph and in recent months I’m running a series of Street Photographers interviews from around the world. I would like to interview a Street Photographer active in Iceland, I would like to hear a voice from there as well give space to some images of him/her. Do you know anyone that can be interested on my project, He can contact me on FB messages, this is my page:

    Greetings ,

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