London: 2016 Summer Pavilion by Bjarke Ingels in Hyde Park

Every year, the Serpentine Galleries in Hyde Park commission a temporary pavilion by a well-known architect. When I was exploring Kensington in October 2016, I wandered through Bjarke Ingels’ 2016 pavilion. As you can see from the photos, it was spectacular.

Elsewhere in Hyde Park, I snapped this great shot of Aleksi mid-coffee sip.

[35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. For more pictures of my trip to London, click here.]

Scotland: Culloden Battlefield

Culloden Battlefield, ScotlandCulloden Battlefield, a thirty minute bus ride from Inverness, is the site of the bloody last stand of the Jacobites in 1745. For those unfamiliar with the Jacobites, long story short they wanted to replace the current British king with the “true king,”James VIII. The Jacobite forces consisted mostly of Scottish Highlanders, who were killed in staggering numbers when they met the loyalist troops on this moor. 1500-2000 Jacobites were killed or wounded, while only 50 loyalist soldiers lost their life.Culloden Battlefield, Scotland We didn’t go into the beautiful visitor’s center because it was rather pricey, but the battlefield itself had great paths with information about the battle and the positions of the two sides as well as a touching memorial to the individual clan who had lost men in the fight. It was a foggy day, and walking around on this site where so many had died one couldn’t help feel the importance of this place to Scottish history.Culloden Battlefield, Scotland The field itself is beautiful, partially cleared land and partially heath covered in beautiful hardy plants and marshy areas. The historical society is working to restore the field to the conditions the troops would have seen.Culloden Battlefield, ScotlandOne of the clans involved were the Mackintoshes, who factor somehow in my family history. We’ve got some Highland blood (just a wee bit). Aleksi and I also made sure to check out the marker for the Fraser clan, since I’m rather worried about how the Outlander characters (who are involved in Jacobite goings on) will fare when the show (I didn’t read the books) reaches this moment in history.  Culloden Battlefield, ScotlandCulloden Battlefield, Scotland Culloden Battlefield, Scotland  [35mm taken with my 1999 Olympus 105G Superzoom in February 2015.Click here for more pictures of Scotland. Oh and don’t forget to like the blog on facebook!]