Tónlist Tuesday: Páll Óskar

palloskar_0 I haven’t done a Tónlist Tuesday post in a while, and this will be my 200th post on this blog, so let’s do something big!…..Páll Óskar: Iceland’s Prince of Pop. You Europeans may be familiar  with (or even devoted fans of) this flamboyant singer, but I had never even heard of Eurovision before leaving the States, let alone Iceland’s oft-sequin-bedecked star. The first video below shows Páll in a sequined lopa peysa (the signature Icelandic wool sweater) performing at the crazy party/festival that takes place every year on the Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar). And in light of today’s #AskThicke madness reminding us how gross Robin Thicke is, it’s refreshing to watch Páll show the world how over-the-top-glam-pop is done. So, without further ado, dance!

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